First off let me start this post by saying jet lag is a BIT*H! In all of my travels to far off destinations, I have never been affected by jet lag the way that this has hit us. Kuwait is 7 hours ahead of the East Coast USA and 4 hours behind Bangkok. I’m really not sure if the problem lies in the fact that we were in the states for a month before coming here or what, but our bodies just can’t seem to get with the program.

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Usually the easiest way for me to combat jet lag is to land at night so I can go straight to sleep after a long journey. It forces your body to be in sync with the time and you don’t have to worry about staying up all day just make sure your body catches up. So of course we picked a night flight. We landed in Kuwait at around 9:30PM. Due to the lethargic movement of the luggage, we didn’t end up leaving the airport until nearly midnight.

Lucky for us the school we were hired by sent someone to pick us at the airport (Can you say fancy). The first thing you notice when you step one inch out of the airport was THE HEAT! It was like stepping out of a sauna and into an open oven. The heat was stifling and immediately made your eyes hurt. I can’t say if this was because we were in a parking garage or if it was truly that hot but in that moment I was worried. Like shit, what have we done choosing a destination like this. Cause if it’s damn near 100Β°F AT MIDNIGHT what hell will the day time bring.

Snapchat of the degrees from the plane when we landed | Kuwait |
Snapchat of the degrees from the plane when we landed | Kuwait |

We piled all of our stuff into their truck and we were on our way. Our apartment is only 8 minutes away from the airport so it was a less than scenic ride. What I did notice immediately was that there were trees and plants coming from the ground but there was no grass. Just sand. In my mind, prior to coming, I thought all I would see was desert with no foliage whatsoever so this kind of intrigued me. I’m not 100% on how they keep these plants alive but they looked real so there must be some method to the madness.

Once we arrived at our apartment complex, I would say I was pretty impressed with our living accommodations. Although we had seen where we would be living online there is always this underlying fear that things will not look how they were presented online. Fortunately, things were better than they looked online. We love our apartment. It’s probably one of the biggest we have lived in together and the best part is that it is FOR FREEEE so in reality it was going to be nice either way lol.

We promptly went to sleep and then at 3AM SURPRISE! There was singing or praying, I’m not really sure which. And it was loud. Reaching right into our bedroom and snatching us out of our slumber. You see we had arrived on the holiday Eid and our apartment is centered between not one but two Masjids (mosques). It was as if the two centers were having a competition against each other about who could be louder lol. We resigned that this was probably just for the holiday (4 days) and wouldn’t last long, so after they finished we went back to sleep. While they sang/prayed for 3 straight hours that night we would soon find out that this would be a regular occurrence, as people of Islamic faith pray 5 times a day. Although not for 3 hours at a time. At this point we hear the 3:14AM call to worship but it no longer wakes us up, we find it easy enough to sleep right through it.

Since we didn’t fall back asleep until around 7am (midnight EST) there was no stopping this jet lag train even if we tried. We didn’t end up waking up until 4pm(9am EST). We followed this exact pattern for 3 straight days with no luck of sleeping more than an hour prior to what would seem was our 7am bedtime.

On the 3rd day, I demanded we see some of the city prior to us starting work. We ended up going to see The Kuwait Towers. It was about a 15minute drive into downtown Kuwait City. As we reached downtown it was as if we had entered a whole new world. A world of wonder and amazement. The architecture that you see in the Middle East is always very futuristic. If you have ever been to Dubai you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s similar to that but on a currently smaller level. The buildings on this side of the world always seem to have funky shapes and turns that we just haven’t seemed to master in the states.

I would say I was very impressed as the only types of buildings we could see from our apartment were old and unimaginative. As you come to the Kuwait Towers you are immediately awestruck. Especially since we got there right around sunset. They were lit up beautifully.

I want everyone to know jetlag is a bi*ch so here I am posting at 4:30AM my time πŸ™„ ********* We really haven't been able to properly explore our new home since we basically have been sleeping all day. We will literally go to bed at 10PM Kuwait time and wake up 2Hrs later as if we slept all night. Then stay up until 7AM (which is midnight east coast USA time) and sleep ALL day until 4PM (9AM EST). So annoying! We didn't have any problems immediately regulating ourselves in Bangkok. ******** Anywho yesterday we were able to FINALLY make it outside just before sunset and explore #KuwaitCity a little bit. We made it to the Kuwait Tower which is the picture you see. It is located right on the Persian/Arabian Gulf near the beach. ******** The water towers were built in 1979. This looks so futuristic now imagine how amazed people must have been back then. During the war with Iraq the towers sustained a lot of damage and had to have a lot of repairs. Now it stands as a beautiful symbol that lights up every night. Although we didn't go inside we are told that there are two restaurants in the tower and the ball actually does a complete 360 spin every 30mins. ******** Maybe one day we will come back and have a meal in one of the restaurant. As for me I am going to try to go to bed now. Fingers crossed I don't sleep all day lol ********* #JetLag #Kuwait #KuwaitTower #Q8 #Kuwaiti #kuwaitinstagram #MEETTHEWARDSINKUWAIT #MeetTheWards #WardWorldTakeover #Wanderlust #Travel #TravelGram #OverdoseInTravel

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Unbeknownst to us the towers are situated right on the beach. Although it was hot we had not expected the sheer amount of people who were there to be in the water. It seems as though we are not the only people affected by the heat as everyone was with their families truly enjoying the waters by moonlight. Right behind the towers there was a water park and while we didn’t go in it seemed to be brimming with people even at 7 o’clock at night.

Right next to the water park there was a Ruby Tuesday’s and of course we had to have dinner here because we can’t help how American we actually are. Haha Turns out the venue and menu are pretty identical to home. It’s so American they were playing Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent, nearly the entire time we were there. I can’t say if that was for our benefit or not, as they were playing Arabic music when we arrived.

After dinner we took a nice warm (read: hot) walk along the boardwalk and enjoyed the atmosphere. Near the gulf the weather was much more tolerable and you could probably sit and hang out for a while before feeling the need to find solace in some air conditioning.

On the 6th day we started working at our new school. I am teaching Kindergarten which is ages 3-4 here and Mr. Ward is teaching 4th grade. More stories to come on that later.

We also had a chance to visit the famed Avenues Mall, which is right around the corner from our house. To say this mall is huge an understatement. It is the largest mall in Kuwait and actually has a pretty cool concept. The inside resembles what looks a high street in Europe. It makes you feel as if you are shopping outside on an “Avenue” with its open concept. There are so many options for western stores and food in here it is ridiculous. We found Taco Bell, Shake Shack, IHOP, Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, Wendy’s, Johnny Rockets and so much more all within the food court. The most heart warming food we found in Bangkok was McDonald’s, which we unfortunately ate as late night snacks almost every night πŸ™„. While we were at the mall we didn’t get a lot of pictures inside because people are funny about getting their picture taken so I refrained because I didn’t want to be disrespectful.

Although we didn’t do much, overall, we had a great week in Kuwait and are looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for us.

Check out this video I put together to show you how our week went. In the video you will see our new house and a little bit around town.

If you still have questions about our new home feel free to check out Frequently Asked Questions About Kuwait 

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