My name is Victoria and I am one half of the duo known as The Wards.

I suppose you have visited this page because you want to know more about us but, to be honest, I don’t know what to tell you. LOL We are an adventurous twenty-something year old couple, young enough to still enjoy the wonders of travel and old enough to afford to do it the right way.

I originally started this blog because I have a terrible memory. We would go on an amazing trip and a month later I could barely remember any details. As you can imagine pictures are my best friend! I really just wanted to write down my memories before they left my brain but apparently other people (including you) are interested in those memories too. Now I take proper notes, give advice and share them with the world.

What started as a wedding hashtag #MeetTheWardsย (Don’t you find it annoying when other people steal your hashtags?)ย has grown into so much more. If you are into travel, living abroad, and hearing stories about the dumb funny things that always seem to happen, to us follow my husband and I as we discoverย the beautiful world around us.


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