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Funniest Quotes From Teaching In Thailand

After teaching in Thailand for a year we have encountered our fair share of funny moments. Kids say the darndest things would be an understatement. Come see how funny our last year was.

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Our First Week Living Abroad in Kuwait

First off let me start this post by saying jet lag is a BIT*H! In all of my travels to far off destinations, I have never been affected by jet lag the way that this has hit us. Kuwait is... Continue Reading →

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Meet The Wards in Thailand 

Today is the one year mark of us moving abroad to Bangkok, Thailand. In that year we had 27 visitors who came to #MeetTheWardsInThailand. Check out the video below.      

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The Ultimate Checklist For Moving Abroad

Are you considering moving overseas but don't know where to start? Here is the ultimate checklist to help you get started with your international move! Moving abroad has never been easier.

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